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Furnishing the 20′ x 20′ Layout for a 40′ Container

  • ~160 sq ft of floor
  • ~160 sq ft of ceiling
  • ~456 sq ft of walls
  • ~68 sq ft of back wall in garage area
Flooring: approx. $530
Walls/Ceiling: approx. $877
Windows & Doors: approx. $620
Exterior: approx. $1400

Shipping Container Home

External Dimensions: 40′L x 8′W x 8’6″H (or 9’6″H)
Internal Dimensions: 39’4″L x 7’8″W x 7’10″H (or 8’10″H)
Weight: 8630 lbs (or 9766 lbs for tall model)
~$3,000 Used
~$5,000 New

Things to keep in mind:

  • Must remove floors before inhabiting.  The wood in the floors is treated with insecticide that isn’t safe for humans over a prolonged period of time.
  • Must figure out something for a vapor barrier inside and out

Suzuki Sidekick = 12′L x 6′W (2dr model)
Full Mattress = 4 1/4′W x 6 1/4′L
Twin Mattress = 3 1/4′W x 6 1/4′L